Total Money Makeover: Part 1

Total Money Makeover: Part 1

I’m writing the first of many segments to document my success and failures trying to become debt-free. Dave Ramsey‘s “The Total Money Makeover,” was my weapon of choice. The book has 223 pages and was published by Thomas Nelson. The edition I received from my pastor during my pre-marital counseling last year was the revised and updated version which I am reading. I became interested in Dave Ramsey about a year ago as I began taking deeper personal interest into my future. I finally got tired of following the herd. I wanted more financial freedom and wanted to get out from under the creditors heel. After about a dozen of Dave Ramsey’s podcast I was sold. The selling point was hearing so many people achieving financial freedom and were able to resign from their current jobs to follow their passion and dreams. While me and my wife were participating in our pre-marital counseling last year the financial piece came up and I told our pastor that I was interested in this program. Ask and you shall receive, he pulls a copy of his shelf and says its yours. It’s not the key to marriage but if your finances are under control and your on the same level then your marriage will be on a better foundation he said. This book is a New York Times Bestseller and Dave had about 3 million listeners who tune into his show each week. Hundreds of Thousands of people have become debt-free using his plan.

I used to never read the introductions until recently. I always wanted to jump into the meat and potatoes. What I did notice flipping through the pages before reading the introduction was the real meat and potatoes isn’t until Chapter 6, Save $1,000 Fast: Walk Before You Run. From the podcast I know this is baby step one. So I have five chapters to read before I get to the beginning or that’s what it seems. The introduction went on to describe what this book is not and the criticism it has received rather than what it does. Dave says that the information contained here in the book you already know and many others out there have provided the same information just in another tone, plan or different direction. It’s all the same sound money advice your grandmother told you long ago. There is no secret formula, except changing your own habits and discipline. No get rich quick techniques, no special academic scholarships needed, and it’s not like his other nine books listed in the front. Finally you meet the winners of The Total Money Makeover Challenge. Their victory over debt seems pretty amazing and I’m sure they made a lot of sacrifices not covered in the tree pages they were provided. The book was written in a simple and plain font and simply written for easy reading and understanding. No looking up words or re-reading sentences to figure out what was intended.
I see this as a quick and easy read and do not see any problems tackling this book and its contents. The fear of the unknown, sticking to the plan and kicking old habits will be the toughest challenge. Risk and reward is hard to measure and sell but if I can live like no other that is certainly a reward I’d like to see. Romans 12:2: “Transform” is what we are left with at the end of the introduction.

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