Find Your Sweet Spot at Home and Work

Find Your Sweet Spot at Home and Work

Find Your Sweet Spot at Home and Work

This is an upbeat, positive, and realistic book.

The Sweet Spot has practical and easy to follow advice on living a balanced life in a world of busyness.

Many suggestions in this book to maximize your daily routine immediately. Revisit it daily for helpful tips.

There is a lot of information, and it can be overwhelming. I don’t think this book is a read it once, put it down, and move on. You should read this book and highlight what interest you or resonates. Then come back every so often and put in place another idea or action into your life.

Don’t just turn and burn

Don’t try to do everything at once it will become overwhelming, and you’ll end up being worse off than you started. Again, develop a plan and revisit The Sweet Spot often.

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Carter encourages the use of baby steps to get to your sweet spot. Another added benefit of a book like this it helps you organize your time and become more productive.

In this five-part book, Carter discusses…

  • focused work and rest times. To increase the number of good experiences and positive emotions.
  • transforming routine tasks into daily habits. Carter utilizes a formula much like IFTTT (If This Then That) but calls it, “After I do THIS, then I will do THAT.”
  • spending 95% of your time on your top five priorities.
  • cultivating relationships.
  • the discomfort in life.

The author’s experience makes this book personalized. Take some notes about points along the way. The chapters do not have summaries. A great find in this book are the many references you can dig deeper into an area you want to know more about.

Opportunity to dive deeper than just the surface level

Carter spends a considerable amount of time researching and referencing. The counter to this amount of referencing is I’ve heard a lot of the same similar ideas and theories before. It appears to be a compilation of self-help ideas with first, second, and third person stories.

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Like many self-help books towards the end they seem to be long winded and your ready to get it over with. To be fair to the author, I don’t know what her target or purpose for writing The Sweet Spot. I’ve read over 200 books in the last four years. I have heard the information once or twice before.

Your sweet spot depends on you

What you get out of this book will depend on how well read you are on this topic.

This book does contain a lot of useful information and ideas. I recommend you read it despite my critical feedback good or bad.

The Sweet Spot can help you improve your quality of life. I took several nuggets from this book.


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