Revealing Things About Balance You Need to Know

Revealing Things About Balance You Need to Know

Revealing Things About Balance You Need to Know

The purpose for life coaching is to help people find balance. There are many changes and transitions in life that cause an imbalance to happen. You may be experiencing a divorce, a career change or a physical move to another location. Change causes us to leave and enter into different seasons of life. Sometimes one season can overlap with another. Change can be unpredictable and traumatic in some instances.

Coaches help people improve their quality of life. I was reading a blog post written by Jon Beaty, a health, and healing coach, about happiness at work and what the Bible says about it. Jon’s article triggered a thought about work-life balance. I left this comment, “One of the things I find that is missing from a lot of work is that we separate our profession from our faith.” Then I got to thinking about this some more.

Worship, Work, and Play

Christopher McCluskey, the father of Christian Coaching, has a theory about balance. Christopher says that we can divide life into three areas. Imagine a triangle and at each corner you see one of these three words – Worship, Work and Play. He argues that we are out of balance with this triangle. We worship our work, work at trying to play and play at worshiping. Instead, we should be present in what we do. To experience balance is to invest in the activity and be present.

worship, work, play

Do you have more than one calling?

Coaching is not the only thing I do in life – hard to believe. I enjoy many things and share my gifts and passions as much as permitted. I also like to explore new shiny things that come across my path. I am what you call a multipotentialite, Polymath or Renaissance Man. My expertise spans across many different topics that I enjoy. I could argue that many of you are multipotentialites, polymaths or renaissance men. Check out this video explaining a multipotentialite.

As Stephen Covey says in his book First Things First that we have many roles in life. We have to plan our most important functions inside of those roles. Then focus on the roles most important to us first. I believe even if you are like me and have many delights or if you are a minimalist, you can find balance.

10 things I do when not coaching

Here are the ten things that I do when I am not hard at work as a coach.

  1. Proud husband to a beautiful woman who deserves more than I could ever provide. The father of three boys ages 12, 2 and ten weeks. I spent four days with my 2-year-old doing a potty-training immersion where the rest of the world was on pause. I enjoy father-son wrestling camps over the summers with my 12-year-old. We take hiking trips into the Shenandoah Valley.
  2. Program Manager for victims of sexual violence for the last year.
  3. Graduate student at Liberty University, where I take 8-week online courses five times a year.
  4. Officiating baseball for 12-year-olds to high school. I received Rookie of the Year recognition in the MAC and NVBUA associations last year that spans across threes states.
  5. Reading is a dedicated activity for personal development, and I have completed 45 of 50 books I set as a goal. I am six books ahead at this point in the year. My favorites this year so far is Purple Cow by Seth Godin, Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath, The Productive Person by James Roper and Chandler Bolt.
  6. Attend 3 Bible studies; a home fellowship, a lunchtime Protestant study, and men’s fellowship.
  7. Volunteering is a way for me to give back, bring awareness and change. I placed ribbons on street lights this month for National Domestic Awareness Month.
  8. Helping on the book launch team for “Listen Up, Kids, Foolish Dreams, Syncing with God and Running to Win” by Chad Gramling.
  9. Attend conferences and speaking engagements. These include the Glorious Mess, Family-iD, Do Over with Jon Acuff, a resilience summit, and Family Team Building event.
  10. Train and educate people on 26 skills that build resilience and enhance performance.

“Balance, peace, and joy are the fruit of a successful life. It starts with recognizing your talents and finding ways to serve others by using them.”

– Thomas Kinkade

You are wondering how I have all this time to do this many things; that would be another post. I wanted to show you that when you are present in the moment and not hard at work life can be enjoyable. You can pursue all the things you desire and love with balance through the seasons.

What are some of the things you do when you are not hard at work?

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  • Hi Kirby,

    Thanks for referencing my blog post on being happy at work. You’ve made insightful comments here about balance. It got me to thinking about the value of balance in my life. I’ve done well at balancing work and worship. I could do better at play. I’m energized by creating, and I find it difficult to turn my mind to play because I’m often unfolding in thoughts an idea for a new creation. I put that in the work category. I schedule worship and work. It seems I’d get more play in if I schedule that, too.

    I’m impressed with the variety of things you are doing. I find there is much more that I want to do than I have time for. That’s a common dilemma. To achieve balance, one of the challenges is to prioritize the things we most need or want to do, and postpone or say no to those things we can’t fit into our 24 hour day.

    • Time is something difficult to replicate. We have only so much time in the world and no one has figured out how to replicate it. It comes down to doing the things that matter and taking care of yourself. Scheduling play has helped me. I schedule everything on my calendar, family time, social media times, project work, even reading and haircuts. It allows me to stay focused on today and now. I really do wish I had more time because I feel I have more to give and to offer but at the end of they day we have to choose what makes the greater impact not only in our lives but those around us. Thanks for coming by.

  • Kirby,

    This is an impressive list, and I learned some new things about you too! You’ve read 45 books this year, that is incredible! Here is what I’ve been up to lately this year:

    1) I’m supporting my wife in starting up her new day-care business. She got licensed about a month ago and it’s now official 🙂
    2) We–my wife and I–are now actively preparing for kiddo #4, who is due in March of next year. We are super excited.
    3) I’m honored to be a part of Chad’s launch team as well.
    4) I’ve got three, mini-books in the works. It’s probably too many. What can I say, I’m attracted to the new, and shiny too 🙂
    5) I volunteer twice a week at my kiddo’s school running club.
    6) We’ve been very busy this year building fun, family memories. Last week we did a 5K color run together. Family trips and traditions have been a priority this year 🙂

    I’m wanting to add reading, and Bible studies to the list, but have not been as consistent as I would like.

    Kirby, I’m impressed with all you get done. And, if you ever do that other post on how you accomplish all that you do, I would love to read it!

    • This is all awesome stuff Jed. Congrats to your wife on the new day-care business. My mother had one out of our home for a couple years so I know what it is like. Kid #4 – your one step ahead of me. That is definitely great stuff. Love to hear families are growing. You also mentioned running club. I used to run ultra’s and finished consistently in the top 15 overall in the races I ran. I haven’t run an ultra in 4 years. I do have aspirations to get back out there and work my way up to completing a 100-mile race. I’ve completed a 50-miler, a 40-miler and two 30-milers. Running comes naturally to me and is a place I can go to and get lost.

      I’ll see if I can work that other post in somewhere. When you write one you get ideas for others. Never short on ideas. I just have to figure out how I’ll add it to my blog post campaign which actually goes out over a year from now. I came up with my first 100 blog post I want to write and have 87 to go.

      • That’s incredible. Isn’t a 50 miler, similar to running two, back-to-back marathons?

        I read the book Ultra Marathon Man, a few years back, and remember being in awe of realizing just how far people can go. Running has always been more challenging for me. In my kiddo’s running club, I sign off laps, and walk the track with Addison–she’s up to one lap around, which isn’t bad for a 15 month old. My oldest daughter set 500 miles as her goal for the year. I lover cheering them on.

        It would be awesome to hear how you train though. I’ve been running a little more this year. My biggest challenge is in staying consistent. I’m also impressed that you’ve got your first 100 blog posts lined up. It sounds like planning ahead is a definite strength of yours 🙂

        • It has been an incredible journey and sounds like the family is doing well under your care. Training varied based on conditions and distance. However I was fortunate to have a lake with miles and miles of trails within a 15 minute drive. I could do 10 mile laps around the lake and then have many different side trails to take so the scenery never got old especially during the seasons. Then I had some other lake and park trails nearby I would drive to. Most of my training and running was surrounded by other people. I incorporated running clubs and socialization into the mix. On runs we would talk strategy, best practices and life. It all worked out. There is a lot more to it than that and I could share with you more. Vision and planning, yes. It is how I stay focused and get things done.