5 Productivity Apps Everyone Should Own Today!

5 Productivity Apps Everyone Should Own Today!

5 Productivity Apps Everyone Should Own Today!

In our culture we are busy.  It is a much noisier world.  Everyone is starving for your time.  Busyness has intensified as technology allows us to connect around the clock.  I pray we learn to best use our technology before we become like the culture in the movie Surrogates.  We are a fair distance off from that extreme and hope it never happens.

You know the person who cruises about checking email, text, social media, etc.  Might even be your spouse or children who are plugged in.  The only method to fix this is define your personal priorities.  What relationships are the biggest part of your life? We are humans and must connect on a physical level.  This post is about where your moral compass should point.  You can check that out here.  I feel in the mood to give you five productivity apps that will leverage technology. Helping you make life more productive and allowing you to center around those priorities.

5 Productivity Apps I Use Daily


Evernote is easy to use and free.  I used the free version for three years and unless you surpass the monthly 60 MB allowance you can remain there.  The paid version does have some extra features which I wanted.  Evernote helps me with everything from clipping articles on the internet, my journal needs, bucket list, drafting my blog post and much more.  I use it for work, home, and other personal needs.  Syncs to all my devices which includes an iPad mini, iPhone, iMac and when I’m at work I log in through a Windows based computer via Firefox.


A great task list app that allows so much flexibility. I do have the paid version and used it since August 2013.  David Sparks, a.k.a. MacSparky, sold me on this application and I have not turned around. I am growing with OmniFocus. I am a task list junky and this productivity app keeps me straight everyday, keeping track of progress and productivity.  OmniFocus has plenty of features, I can not list them all.  The feature I love the best is sending an email to create a task.  If I get an email that does not need an immediate response but is actionable, I can email it to the server. In seconds it is in my OmniFocus inbox which I can edit from there.  It synchronizes all my devices.  Keeps me focused and forecast my task that are due in the week ahead.


So Instagram probably is not a productivity app but it could be if you were a photographer.  Instagram’s features strike my fancy and I use some of those photos that I created on this blog.  I love the feel and the simplicity.  The photo app supports photo and video capability.  This productivity app is also free and fun.  You can upload you photos to multiple social media sites at the same time. This will save you time.  You can send photos to friends, comment, and like your friends favorites.  If you’d want to see what I am up to on Instagram, click here


I started using this goal and habit tracking productivity app in 2013 and it is very cool.  You can track anything, beautiful platform and simple to operate.  The best part about This productivity app is it embraces SMART goal concept. SMART represents specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.  You can track in four great ways, habits, milestones, averages, and targets.  It gives you different data on your progress,  streaks, percentages, progress, success rate, and a lot more. If you are looking to start a new habit or having trouble with one, this productivity app is for you. In 2015, Kyle Richey the owner will launch a update.


I use Mint for my budgeting and personal finance needs.  It has an app and web applications.  The same as Evernote, it syncs across all my devices and is a beautiful platform with oodles of flexibility.  It does have plenty of advertising and recommended financial products but there is no need to buy.  I use the application for its tracking abilities, charts, graphs and budgeting abilities. Mints advice and paid advertising does not fall into my financial philosophy.  This productivity app has accolades by the App Store, CNN Money, Kiplingers, Macworld and others.  Mints totally free.  One of the best features I have found is viewing all your accounts from different companies in one place.  I have noticed it does take some transactions 24 hours to arrive.  I am willing to waive that inconvenience for the other abilities.

Have you used one of these apps and it has made a difference in your life. What about a recommendation? Leave a comment below.

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