Confessions Of Past Mistakes

Confessions Of Past Mistakes

Confessions Of Past Mistakes

Confession in my eyes is a lot harder than saying I am sorry. Sorry is easy to say. We say it every day. Without any real thought, it comes out. Admitting past mistakes starts to build a reliable foundation for the relationship.

I Have Made Past Mistakes

We are taught what is right by our parents and others. Nothing prepares you like experience because we learn from all the mistakes we make. Then we begin to build on those experiences and start to achieve wisdom. You are going to wrong somebody, and many of you already have. I urge you to get right with those you hurt. The consequences are greater than you realize right now.

Wrongdoing and mistakes happen when we insult others, create misfortunes, and hurt. We make these mistakes when we fail to control our emotions and unknowingly at moments. Maybe no one realizes your error, or you did not realize it then, but you do now.

Have you been hurt by someone who failed to speak up? They forgot to deal with something, and that lead to your discredit or embarrassment. I have hurt, insulted and created misfortunes for others and experienced these things myself.

Own Past Mistakes – Do Not Shrug Them Off

I have heard some people say “no harm, no foul.” Others will utter something like time is the healer. That is not being honest and empathetic about the situation. Forgiveness goes to those who own and understand they are wrong.

When we realize our past mistakes, we should acknowledge them. Even if the other person knows about the mistake or not. You may have to sacrifice some pride but in our embarrassment, we can find humility.

When things seem the worst, we find tolerance. When people are excused for their past mistakes, they can come back stronger. By forgiving, we are showing kindness to others. Through our compassion for people, we can re-connect healthier. That person can wipe the slate clean.

We Seek Perfection And Excellence

We cannot get there unless we acknowledge that our plan is for our benefit. Mistakes happen because we wanted something for ourselves and hurt others in the process. Admitting weakness is a strength because you are self-aware. When you are self-aware, you can begin to improve.

Once we have realized our imperfections and agendas, it is a lot easier to forgive others who harm us. When we forgive others, we receive flexibility, because we earned that kindness and generosity.

It is hard to forgive genuinely others if you have not experienced forgiveness. Forgiveness can restore a relationship and allow an opportunity to develop it. When we reveal weaknesses, it creates openness building on trust.

Recognize The Human Need For Trust

Through confessing mistakes, we build a foundation for others to trust us. It may not seem like it, but we are restoring trust after the initial shock of bad news. You will build up respect for your honesty and courage to come forward. Confess so you receive support for the wrongdoing not to feel better. The guilt gets released when you confess and do the right thing.

You can walk around with integrity, but pride will bring you to your knees. Own your past mistakes and start building a relationship built on trust.

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  • HI Kirby,

    You’ve clearly laid out one of the benefits of confessing our mistakes and how humility restores trust. It reminds me of Jesus’ statement “Blessed are the peacemakers.” The peace He spoke about was about the reconciliation that can only come from confessing our mistakes and receiving and offering forgiveness.

    • Thanks Jon. I have to say confessing gets it out of your head and in front. The anxiety and constant mental battle when you know you’ve done something and it wasn’t the right thing can eat at your soul. I’ve been in a place once where something sat with me for weeks and it was draining me. But then once it was out there everything seemed to be fine. Those that confess have courage in my eyes because they know they must face consequences and they cannot predict what those consequences are.

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