New Opportunities

New Opportunities

“A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties. ”

~Harry Truman

This is, A Gentleman’s Canteen and it is the blog that I write.  I’m writing out of the National Capital Region.  It’s a small part of my life and I hope that it can grow as much as I have over the years.  My name is Kirby.  My wife says I am an entrepreneur.  I think I bore easily when I’m doing well and find other things to challenge me.  There is much in life to experience and I love all of its opportunities.  I’m also many other things and you can see my profile which has a small statement about who I am.  The profile will also link to many other sites which can get deeper into who I am.  LinkedIn is a thorough look at my professional career and Twitter I use to express my day-to-day grind.  These two social media sites are the best two options I will direct you too.

I’m blogging to do many things.  Mainly I have tried it on a couple of occasions and never stuck with it.  The last attempt I set my goals to high and had a chaotic schedule which ran down my energy.  I’ve learned many things over the last several months about staying on track.  I hope to share some of those things with you.  I recently moved to the National Capital Region and thought this would be a great place to re-engage my blogging opportunities.  I also want to share my ideas, reviews and experiences.  What I hope to get out of this is build up a rapport with readers and other bloggers that will lead to networking, freelance opportunities and a second career.  All my life until the past couple years I’ve been completely engaged in my career which has taken me away from my family, friends and missed opportunities.  I decided, made changes, and took a stance to be a better man, husband, father, son, brother, friend, etc.

The content will primarily be about becoming a better man and what I have learned from great men and women in my life.  The focus will likely appeal to mostly men, but I have plans to have articles that will engage and benefit the ladies as well.  The blog will feature articles that will discuss life skills, review of products I’ve used, books I’ve read, people I admire in history, my personal experiences, travels, some how to’s, and much more.  A few examples of whats coming are my experiences with the Dave Ramsey’s programs, Born to Run book review, and my lessons in becoming a better man.  I want this to become a place where people can learn, share, and critique.  The goal is of this entire project is to create a wealth of valuable material that men and women can use from myself and the contributions of other visitors.

I’ve already indicated that I would love to have an open forum here and that I will accept everything to critiques, disagreements, comments, contributions and guest post.  You are also encouraged to email if you like.  The more feedback and I anyone else who visits this site will greatly enhance its value to the reader. You can leave comments on each article, use the side panel and contact me through email or social media.  The only policy about feedback at this time is to behave like ladies and gentleman.  Your feedback I appreciate and encourage .  I’m grateful for the opportunity to interact with you and look forward to the days ahead.

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