How Mobile Technology Creates More Coaching Opportunities

How Mobile Technology Creates More Coaching Opportunities

How Mobile Technology Creates More Coaching Opportunities

Finding the right coach the fits your needs is a challenge. There are many concerns with selecting someone to help you grow in life. Trust and access are the first couple problems that surface.

A coach is going to know things about your life that few people know. You are on-the-go and do not have flexibility. You feel uncomfortable taking a call with your intimate partner nearby about your relationship. Getting help with your profession with your peers in listening mode is tough to overcome.

This is a challenge for most and creates a barrier to the results you want. You may have trouble finding someone in the local area that is the right fit and can help.

Have you experienced barriers to getting help?

I have been right where you are at now. It is hard to get help because our unfulfilled needs can create barriers. Before I even started coaching, I worked as a Human Resources Manager. I was a young professional and was not comfortable going to my boss or peers.

Fear of looking weak or incompetent prevented me from getting help. After all, my career was on the move and I did not want to give reason to slow down my progress. I wanted to look like an expert and authority in my area of concern. I had never been in this position before and did not want to disappoint. I got there because hard work, and commitment got me great recommendations. I had no experience and not yet been able to develop relationships in this new organization.

What I do helps you grow in life.

I began searching for outside help and looked to coaching. I knew executive and leadership coaching was popular at the time. I found a coach online who had experience in the same field and organization. We exchanged emails a few times and then set-up a time on a Saturday morning before the day began. I did not want to chat at work, and the coach met me right where I was.

After few months of Saturday morning coaching calls, I found myself right where I wanted to be. A trusted leader and authority in this organization. That was ten years ago when flip phones were popular and webcams were an expensive add-on.

Mobile technology creates many options that reduce barriers.

Today’s mobile technology has a larger impact on coaching than I experienced as a client. Mobile technology allows trust between the coach and the client to form in the first session. Value is immediately delivered, and results can begin right away.

We can connect anywhere and at any time you find yourself struggling or have a question. Accountability and opportunity have never been greater than it is today with mobile technology. The only barriers today are the excuses we are making for ourselves.

You can link up with your coach, anywhere – anytime.

Nine out of ten customers research services on a mobile device before buying. More than half trust the business if it has a phone number. The client uses that number to make the initial call. Mobile technology allows face-to-face coaching to happen on the go.

Last week I was taking a walk during lunch, and I got a call. I accepted the call and was able to do a 30-minute initial consultation on the spot. It was easy to take the call and some notes on my phone. We developed a simple framework; I emailed the caller the game plan and extra resources immediately after.

You no longer have to be sitting in the office or at home. Mobile technology allows us to have instant results wherever we are.

Mobile technology creates the possibility for growth.

More than 60% of the readers on this site access it through mobile technology. Begin a coaching agreement by using the power of mobile technology in your hands. Overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from the results you want and double your growth. Begin creating change by undertaking an intentional life of growth with coaching.

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