Living a Rich and Satisfying Life in 2018

Living a Rich and Satisfying Life in 2018

Living a Rich and Satisfying Life in 2018

How I can help you live a rich and satisfying life in 2018.

Some of you might not know that I am the best coach in the world at helping fatherless men who don’t want just to survive but live the life they were meant to lead.

If you approach your life with a growth mindset and intentional direction, you can change the amount of influence you have, live a more meaningful life, create more profound experiences and more fruitful relationships.

This is for fatherless men who care less about materialistic needs, who don’t just want to survive but want to impact, grow, and experience a more abundant, deeper life that they were created to live.

Over the last 22 years, I’ve worked with men in this way to prioritize, delegate, and become mindful in their lives so they could grow personally and professionally.

This Could Be Your Story

My favorite success story was a guy named Jon who started with the simple goal of setting priorities each morning before his day began so that he could work fewer hours. Six months later, he was spending more time with his family, running every morning, cut back on the hours he worked each week, and, this is the cool part, noticed that his work projects were failing, so he learned to delegate and grew his business from an open source product to a $7,000 revenue stream each month.

If you desire a meaningful life, work that is purposeful, and relationships that produce abundance, with my help, you can achieve big things.

How it works is that we meet online for daily exercises, accountability and to support you. We create an intentional direction and cycle through areas you want to level-up.

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This month we are focused on picking a big new year goal. Forget resolutions and tiny habits. This is the time to make a significant change.

So if you or anyone you know is interested in living a rich and satisfying life sign up here.

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