Your Kids Can Help You Grow Your Strengths

Your Kids Can Help You Grow Your Strengths

Your Kids Can Help You Grow Your Strengths

It is surprising to me the strengths that help people thrive and grow in their youth fade during adulthood. It is as if we no longer need them and cast them to the side. My kids have shown me how to cultivate these inner strengths that we all have. By watching them, I have found new ways to bring these assets out of hibernation. These advantages that kids use every day can spring you forward in many areas of life.

3 Areas Of Life My Kids Help Me Grow

  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Love of Learning


Kids apply their imagination allowing them to come up with fresh ways to work challenges. Children continually discover and express themselves in surprising ways. These little ones are adaptive and find alternative ways to be productive. Early on kids are brainstorming and experimenting with their environment. Watching my children, they come up with wild ideas, stay focused and build upon each idea. Samuel my 2-year-old does not take no for an answer. Some might say this is not a good thing. When he uses self-control, he can find alternative ways to achieve what he wants.

The Myths of Creativity

One of the myths of creativity is only authors, and artistic types need this strength. We all use creativity. When you problem solve you come up with new ideas, finding new routines to make time for other task and cooking are a few of the daily routines that use creativity. Creativity is something that is the product of our environment. People and experiences inspire thought and creativity. I recently read and recommend The Myths of Creativity.  If you read David Burkus book, you will see creativity in a new light.


Over the last couple years, I have watched my son’s curiosity and interest develop. Children are open to experiences, new challenges, and opportunities. They have an inner strength to investigate. When meeting new people and facing new challenges, they become curious. Bugs or airplanes my kid’s curiosity helps them find meaning, build confidence and spark their creativity which leads to knowledge and wisdom.

Curiosity Is Trying On New Hats

When you stop being curious, you become bored and disinterested. Have you felt this way recently? Interest in the world around you starts to fade after formal education years, and careers take over lives. Without curiosity, we stop growing and close the doors for business. Invite curiosity back into life by visiting new places, trying new activities or learning about a new topic. You just might discover a hidden interest or role you could be fulfilling.

Love of Learning

Kids are natural learners. You were designed to learn. My kids reinforce my belief that the world is a classroom. Learning to crawl, walk, speak and other skills satisfies their curiosity and engages their cognitive functions.  Despite challenges and obstacles, Sam and Andrew, continue to push forward and persist when it would be a lot easier to quit. Curiosity is the fire iron that stirs up the heat in learning. Hunter, my oldest son, loves to explore the Smithsonian Museums here in Washington, D.C. Metro area. His curiosity ignites his passion. My son’s desire to learn more leads him from one exhibit to the next seeking more.

Learning Is How You Got This Far

When we stop learning, we become stagnate and complacent. You may think you know it all. This strength just like curiosity gets pushed aside when careers begin. People that make personal development the center of their lives continue to gain knowledge and grow. One of my goals this year is to read one book per week. I must continue to learn and grow to remain relevant and at the top of my game. We can learn and grow in every profession; even Leaders in many companies have coaches who help them learn how to be more effective and efficient. Seek out those who are performing at their peak potential and learn from a mentor.

Create An Environment Of Growth

Creativity, curiosity, and learning feed off each other and help you flourish. They are the inner strengths that help you gain knowledge and wisdom. In the first two decades of life, these three strengths are active, present and healthy. Be intentional about your growth and development. Continue to exercise them so you can become the best you. Learn from your children by watching their interest and how they thrive. Build and create an environment where not only they grow but you as well.

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  • Curious Caroline, right here!!! I never thought of it as a good thing, so I am glad you wrote this post

  • I missed some of the ways my teaching job forced me to be creative when I started just being a stay at home mommy, then I started homeschooling her, so I get to be creative in how I use our daily lives to teach her, inventing lessons, making learning fun and exciting.