Three Ingredients That Make Dreams A Reality

Three Ingredients That Make Dreams A Reality

Three Ingredients That Make Dreams A Reality

There are three ingredients to making your dreams a reality.

Are you giving up on your dreams?

Are you settling for a life you don’t want to live?

Have you let your dreams go?

Why did you let your dream go when it meant so much to you?

I didn’t have an active father in my life growing up. My biological was never in the picture. I had three step-fathers who were absent. No one in my family had more than a high school education. We lived in a small town where farming and a few factories were the only opportunities that were present.

I didn’t have anyone who could show me any other way. I listened to those who never achieved their dreams. They said, “This is as good as it gets.” My teachers told me, “Be realistic and go find yourself a decent job.”

The best advice came from my grandparents, “Join the military, get out of here and find your spot in the world.” My grandfathers shared with me when I was thinking of leaving the military that he’d made a pretty big mistake when he left the military. You see, it wasn’t that he didn’t like it, they just wouldn’t get him off the ship that he was on so he decided to go home rather than sign another contract. He came back and was sucked back into the life that he once escaped from.

He’d traveled all over East Asia and seen things that no one else in his hometown would ever get the opportunity. They sat around and listened to his stories in amazement, he was happy with his wife and his family but he longed for adventure and new opportunities. He was missing the opportunity to make his dreams a reality.

When he was young he had NO LIMITS. He wouldn’t back down from anything and he placed himself in less than ideal situations many times. He was brave, courageous, impulsive at times, but he feared nothing.

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Time wore on and he had a family now. He loved his family but the lack of adventure and purpose in his life wore at his soul, his ambitions, and his spirit. He spent the rest of his days working in a Chrysler plant, loading and unloading cares onto trains and transport trucks. Barely making a wage that supporting 7 children.

He never told me to play it safe, he never told me not to take a risk. He was the greatest figure I had in my life. He taught me that sweat, determination, and hard work is the key to making your dreams a reality. It is exactly why he kept planting the military in my mind. He was planting those seeds so that one day I could make my dreams a reality. Take action today and start spearheading an intentional life of growth.

Today those four words; hard work, determination, and sweat, equal  a mindset of “Whatever it takes.” Those seeds that were planted a long time ago have changed my life and have gotten me to where I am today. There are hundreds and thousands of people around the world just like you chasing their dreams.

Don’t accept life as it is. This isn’t as good as it gets. Look at what you can do now, here in the present. What you do today will make a difference tomorrow. Use your past as fuel to propel you forward and drive you to succeed in making your dreams a reality. Never give up.

Where do you want to be in a year from now?

Surviving or thriving?

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