What Are You Willing To Do For Good Pay?

What Are You Willing To Do For Good Pay?

What Are You Willing To Do For Good Pay?

John F. Kennedy knew that being President of the United States was a big job, and he also believed that he could do it. When Kennedy sometimes said, “The pay is good, and I can walk to work,” was probably more humor and partial truth. I doubt good pay was what he had in mind when considering the highest office in the nation or was he?

There is much respect that comes with being president and many opportunities after that. Walking to work was just rolling out of bed and down the stairs from the executive suite to the lower level of the White House. No president has to walk far, but it is probably harder taking those steps every day.

Rewards Are More Than Good Pay

I think within this humor there is a real idea. If the pay is good what are you willing to do? I want you to go beyond the money and look at the other rewards. Look inside yourself. You will find purpose and value from the work you do. People who are internally motivated will find satisfaction in fulfilling the needs of other people, organizations, a nation or the world.

Construct An Environment That Is Rewarding

JFK was motivated by more than just the pay. He was driven by a bigger picture. A job that was bigger than one man or woman. It was not about him it was about an idea. Those ideas allowed him to connect with people. He created a positive environment where people could collaborate and make them feel like they were serving a bigger cause.

When you are trying to find motivation, attempt to look at WHY you do things not for who or what. What is the problem you want to solve? You can find the WHY in a vision or mission statement. When motivating people during coaching, we try to tap into the WHY.

Understanding and Communicating Purpose

You cannot empower people, but you can create a climate where people can find that purpose and that helps them find the power they possess. JFK created momentum by establishing a compelling, detailed view of a future he saw – his life purpose – his why. When the pay (internal rewards) is good, you live in a deep place. Meaning comes from experience which results in purposeful life work creating a deep desire for change.

What are you willing to do for good pay?

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  • Brianna

    I am not paid for writing yet, I want to be, but it hasn’t happened yet. Someday I hope it will! I am so blessed to have several bloggers though who encourage me to keep going and keep writing.

    • Keep up the good work and continue to express yourself.

  • “You cannot empower people, but you can create a climate where people can find that purpose and that helps them find the power they possess.” Hey Kirby. This is such a great line. As a dad, I hope to create an environment in our home where our kiddos feel empowered and find purpose. This is such an excellent quote for business leaders, as well as moms and dads too.

    • Thanks Jed. This has been extremely important for me. Creating an environment for people to thrive in. Sometimes we have to adjust our environment as well.

  • I love that quote by JFK! I have not monetized my writing through my blog yet. I do find it very rewarding to help others. I consider it a hobby and more of a calling I guess.

    • Hey Jonathan,
      You definitely live this out. I sure appreciate the encouragement you have been to me in my own writing and blogging. TY!

    • Brianna

      Jonathan you are such an encouragement to so many! I appreciate this about you!

  • De Bolton

    The comforts of money are enticing but the fulfillment of purpose spreads farther. Great post.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks for the comment.

  • I love to write for its internal rewards! Thank you for reminding me that the best kind of pay to receive is often internal. When I’m discouraged I always go back to my mission statement and my “why” and it always puts me back in the right frame of mind again.

    • Writing has lots of rewards. One that I like best is it’s therapeutic. Thank you Valerie for stopping by.

  • You are exactly right, Kirby.
    My husband is a great example of this. He served in the military for 24 years. He loved it. Not for the pay, but because he felt connected to his purpose!
    I loved “You cannot empower people, but you can create a climate that helps them find the power they possess”. Thank you for this!

    • Well Thank him for his service. 24 years! That’s Awesome! There is something special about those who serve and it isn’t they pay or the benefits. It is something deeper inside of them.

  • I had never heard that quote before–it sure is funny! And I agree, being internally motivated will get you through obstacles and hardships that will inevitably come up much better than any external motivation or pay, no matter how high. Great post!

    • I kind of thought it funny myself when he just has to walk down a flight of stairs. Thank you for commenting. I find that my greatest rewards are internal rewards and not the external ones. Really drives my passion.