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Today’s speed can be an immense challenge – everyday things happen faster and get more demanding. There is a wealth of data to process, many messages to respond to, and too much to get done. 

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I work with individuals to help them set priorities for the day, polish and develop the ways in which they prioritize and assist them to become more productive and proactive towards their goals.

Skills you establish now in your profession position you for success.  Most people overlook equipping themselves to be more productive.

Alternatively, worse, they read topic-relevant books, listen to podcasts, and attend seminars, but never put any of the things they learn into practice.

My coaching focuses on building momentum – I help my clients learn fundamental skills, apply those skills consistently, and get quick results through simple steps and consistency. Even more importantly, I act as a sounding board and provide accountability for circumstances that my clients want to tackle.

Through Personal Coaching I encourage my clients to build daily habits they need to be productive with time, deal with inbox overload, deliver an impactful performance, and make headway on their goals.

Text-based coaching enables my clients to communicate with me on a daily basis through Coach.Me  (it is like having a coach in your pocket!), and phone-based coaching is available whenever and wherever you decide to book a phone call (cost associated with phone calls).

I provide only my digital coaching services on the helps professional coaches become accessible to you at a portion of the cost of a traditional coach, but also encourages a hands-on approach: you can use the website, the mobile app, or email to communicate with me on a regular basis rather than one or two coaching sessions a month.

Although I concentrate on priorities, productivity, and accountability, I can refer clients who need help with other fitness, nutrition, finance, sleep, marketing, or many other goals.

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This is a no-cost, no obligation, free week of digital/text-based coaching to get you started on crafting a roadmap to being your best self. To find out more or make an appointment, email me at or sign up with the promo code “KIRBYINGLESWEEK”, here.

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