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Running with the Cows

I ran this half-marathon, Running with the Cows, in the spring of 2010.  My first half-marathon of my short running career or inconsistent career.  The serene asphalt course through Northern Miami and Southern Johnson Counties in Kansas with rolling hills and fields of corn and soybeans as well as pastures with grazing cattle will get the mind settled on this out and back course.  The wide open spaces with the crisp fresh air had enthusiastic volunteers cheering me to the finish where a post-race Feast.  This race is where I experienced my first ITB Band syndrome and realized you can over train and run too hard.  Not only that I realized how painful a wet T-shirt can be over the course of 13 miles on a mans nipples.  Running can drive a passion within you and be a meditating experience.  If you progress to fast then your forward progress can slip away and you will find yourself on the sidelines as I did after this race with more pain than reward.  I finished the season in First Place in the Mid-American Running Association.  Not without injury or stress.  Take care of yourself and train wisely.

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