Every Day is Independence Day

Every Day is Independence Day

Every Day is Independence Day

Get out there and celebrate your independence 365 days a year, not just on July 4th.

You have such a great gift in America and that is the freedom to live a life every day that has meaning to you. Martin Seligman stated in Authentic Happiness that,

“The pursuit of happiness is enshrined in the Declaration of Independence as a right of all Americans, as well as on the self-improvement shelves of every American bookstore.”

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You have unlimited possibilities and opportunities. That is just as American as hot rods and baseball. More importantly, you have the independence and freedom to define your own values system, personal vision, goals and make decisions for yourself. In this country, you are not limited except by your vision and creativity.

This does require risk and sometimes pain and suffering. Most people don’t like to get uncomfortable. They want security and fear prevents them from taking a risk. What I have learned over the years is you limit yourself when you don’t take a risk. I’m not talking about blind risk, I’m referring to calculated risk. Something you can learn more about in the book, Good to Great.

Calculated Risk is when you try to work things out logically and take a step back then take a small risk until you are ready to Go Big. In the military and gun community, we call this zeroing. You take a few shots and make an adjustment, then take three more shots and make an adjustment, then take three more confirmation shots before you are ready to go live and qualify with your rifle.

A blind risk is when you just gamble and put it all on red at the roulette table. It is just an emotional, impulsive decision that you don’t think about.

In order to grow, we must get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I’m sure George, John x2, Benjamin, Alexander, James, and Thomas, the primary founding fathers, faced some danger and risk when they declared independence back in 1776. The decision required commitment and dedication to a shared vision. Imagine being in a room with this mastermind group that came up with the vision that has to lead our country and lasted for 241 years, passed from one generation to the next. WOW!

“For where two or three are gathered in My name [meeting together as My followers], I am there among them.” – Matthew 18:20 (AMP)

This makes me realize nothing comes easy and we must work tirelessly at our vision, mission, and goals so we can one day celebrate success just like the birth of our nation. Far to many people give up on the dream due to obstacles and roadblocks.

It’s time to decide to break free from the restrictions, naysayers, and self-limiting thoughts. Are you ready, willing, and able to build a life that you want, that reflects everything that is important to you?

Celebrate your independence by first making the choice and taking the first step.

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  • Kirby
    I love his post.

    You hit on a lot of points that we all need to be reminded of.

    The declaration reminds what we were born with and it is our job to deliver. I know for me struggling limit belief in my life or understand the voice in side my head are all keys to moving forward.

    Living outside my comfort zone is where the magic happens and it is a good reminder to stay messy and make mistakes.

    Wlth out failure we are not growing.

    • Thanks Killoy for sharing your thoughts. Indeed we need reminders and to allow ourselves to make mistakes so we can grow from our experiences. The only failure in our lives is not seizing the opportunity everyday to be better than we were yesterday. Even if that is taking 15 minutes at the end of the day to do a little self-reflection about lessons learned and opportunities for improvement.

  • This is such a wonderful encouragement and reminder. I know my goals, vision and mission but I have started to faint due to my lack of faith. Again, thank you for this reminder. Note, I am not American but I can still apply this to my life as a Filipino.

  • Hi Kirby,
    I like the way you took what we celebrate on one day and applied it to all days. It is something we can – and should – think about more often than just the holiday. We have been blessed in ways we should be continually thankful for.

  • Big Shirl

    I love the thought of a mastermind group – one greater than any mastermind group now available to any of us. Amazing word picture that brought their struggles to the table, their ability to reason together, then motivate and mobilize ordinary people to be willing to give up absolutely everything for the cause of living free, for them and everyone who follows. Unfortunately , their selflessness has turned into selfishness in succeeding generations Thanks for this post!