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Individual Commitment

It Is About You And Individual Commitment

Commitment is a character strength and a value that is deeply rooted in my life. It ranks number six out of twenty-four character strengths. Citizenship, teamwork, loyalty, and duty are a few words used to describe commitment. Those who are committed to the group effort are loyal and dedicated members. They share ideas, resources and work hard towards something bigger than themselves. Individual commitment is less about themselves and more about the mission, the results, the WHY.

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How Coaches Strategically Walk You Through Problem Solving

How Coaches Strategically Walk You Through Problem Solving

How Do You Deal With Problems? 

Do you have a problem solving formula or method? If you were much like me several years ago, you would probably jump right in and get started. Others will withdraw from the problem and avoid it. Problems can be easy to solve, and others can fester. Most of the time you and I use experience and knowledge to help us get past trying moments. We do not think much of it. There is a more efficient approach when we look at the problem first and take a strategic approach.

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3 Easy Steps To Making Strides With Your Habits and Goals

3 Easy Steps To Making Strides With Your Goals And Habits


This is a guest post by Kyle Richey. Kyle is the Founder and CEO of, a software to track all your goals & habits in one place.
He enjoys Productivity, Personal Development & Product Management. You 
can connect with Kyle on Twitter - @StridesApp

Don’t Give Up On Your New Year’s Resolutions…

Let’s take a little trip back to New Year’s Eve. It’s been getting colder outside, Thanksgiving and Christmas have come and gone, and the year is almost over.

How did you feel? Were you excited for the New Year? Was the idea of a fresh start exhilarating? Did you make any resolutions?

I hope so! New Year’s Resolutions get a bad rap because it’s been said that 92% of them don’t stick, so people tend to scoff at them now. To me, that’s sad.

Why? Because life is all about continual improvement and growth.

Not doing something because the odds are against you or because it’s difficult won’t get you anywhere you want to be.

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