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Finish Strong – Achieve Your Goals And Build Momentum

You are half way through the year and it’s going to be a grind but you can finish strong. You have been in this same spot year after year. You are probably trying to complete year-end goals and meet expectations. You may be a little behind on your goals or maybe you stopped completely. Everybody has something on his or her list they probably have not done yet or not quite put the time and energy into. Remember that you have been here before and this year is going to be different.

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Ask Me Anything: Kirby Ingles Life Coaching

Hey, I am Kirby Ingles,  but I am sure you already know that. This week I wanted to share a few questions and answers with you that I have gotten over the last few weeks. I also wanted to offer you an opportunity to ask me anything. There are a few different ways you can do this.

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37 Things You Want To Know About My Life

Each person is unique. We also share many similar experiences that unite us. One thing that comes to thought is the labels we create. We allow ethnicity, nationality, language, arbitrary physical distinctions, spirituality, religion, gender, orientation and other things to unite and divide us. So here are 37 things I thought you would want to know about me.

It is the experiences, not labels that shape our worldview. Our views rise from the responsibility we assume for choices and the environment around us. The amount of control we have in our lives and environment. Our view is something we conceptualize through experiences.

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