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If you are like any of my readers, you have high potential and are versatile at many things. You enjoy exploring life’s possibilities, and work is about gaining experience. You are committed to continuous education and personal development – striving to grow. You measure success on your ability to strengthen your character, to make decisions and be responsible. You want personal freedom so you can pursue things greater than yourself.

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How to Set Realistic Goals for a Strong Year

Have your goals failed before you got started? Fear kills dreams before they begin. Can you find the time? Is your attention, energy, and focus tied up with too many goals. In the book Unstoppable, Cynthia Kersey found that only 3% of people have goals and 1% write them down. There are countless reasons why someone fails to meet their objectives in life.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to try just one more time.” ~ Thomas Edison

Goal setting is not like throwing darts. You do not step up to the line, give the target a quick look, and hope for the best. Goal setting is a process of anticipating, thinking and synchronizing.

Benefits of Goal Setting

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The Secret To Finding Purpose In Meaningless Work

The Secret to Finding Purpose in Meaningless Work

This is a guest post by Jon Beaty. He is a life coach and licensed clinical social worker who helps people thrive in their faith relationships and work. He blogs at www.jonbeaty.com.

Why do people who’ve earned millions–even billions–of dollars continue to work? Is there any meaning in that? What’s the purpose in working when a person has managed to accumulate unimaginable wealth?

Some might do it for greed. Others for power. But these desires alone aren’t enough to motivate a person to work when they don’t have to. 

Let me explain.

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Noble Failure Is A Step Towards Ultimate Success

Noble Failure Is A Step Towards Ultimate Success

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about a Woodrow Wilson quote.

“I would rather temporarily fail with a cause that will ultimately succeed than to temporarily succeed with a cause that will ultimately fail.”

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Feedback From The Heart Is Powerful For Growth

Feedback From The Heart, Is Powerful For Growth

Do you feel like you have an obligation to give feedback? Is one of your core values “I care. Therefore, I criticize.” I bet when you are being told to do something differently the first thing you hear is the criticism isn’t it. I give feedback all the time, but it is because I care and I’m sure you do as well. Would you rather that no one cared? This is exactly why I can handle your feedback because I know you care.

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