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Your Kids Can Help You Grow Your Strengths

It is surprising to me the strengths that help people thrive and grow in their youth fade during adulthood. It is as if we no longer need them and cast them to the side. My kids have shown me how to cultivate these inner strengths that we all have. By watching them, I have found new ways to bring these assets out of hibernation. These advantages that kids use every day can spring you forward in many areas of life.

3 Areas Of Life My Kids Help Me Grow

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What If You Started This Journey Ten Year Earlier

What If You Started This Journey Ten Years Earlier

What if you started this as a life coach ten years earlier? This is a great reflection question we should all ask ourselves about what we do now or considering. The problem here lies in that what we know now you did not know back then. You could say, “What if,” all day but you will not know until you take action. I did not know anything ten years ago, and I realize I know even less today about the world. I do know a lot more about who I am and what I am supposed to be doing. The same applies to you as well. Deep down we all know but our reservations prevent us from taking action.

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