Clock vs Compass: Which do you need?

Just by reading this you will be richer than if you hadn’t. Just at a time when I was out of balance, over committed, attitude was slipping, I was racing against the clock each night, and overwhelmed I scooped up a book called First Things First.

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First, let me tell you a story about a business author that was retold by Dan Hawkins. As a youngster an author grew up on a potato farm and raising, picking and taking care of potatoes. On the farm they had all these kids who would help and is up early and stay till after dark working in the fields. As the kids grew older, they realized there was all this technology which could cut the labor and time that the process took. They called on their father saying there was a better way to do this labor. The father tells them, “I’m not in the business of raising potatoes, I’m raising kids.” His whole point of doing things the way he did was to raise kids of significance with character, fortitude and perseverance.

The intent is to persuade you that the best tool for managing the noise and busyness is a compass which directs the priorities in our lives. Not the clock which manages time. A compass will help you stay zeroed in on goals and values so you don’t become immersed by the demands of the modern world.

I’ve read Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and First Things First. Stephen Covey authors 12 books, one of which was named one of two most influential books of the 20th Century, has an MBA from Harvard, Doctorate from BYU and 12 honorary doctorates besides countless other awards and decorations. Sadly Stephen Covey died from injuries suffered from an accident in 2012.

The demands of modern society consumes the world. To place first things first you should stop using the clock, a time management tool, and use the compass to direct your life.

Lets glance at the problem with the clock.

The clock is a time management tool that is not effective in your life.

It represents our commitments, appointments, schedules, goals, activities and how we manage our time.
Howard Tullman declared that data and people in our lives resemble the E.R., we are always being compelled to triage every new entry. We fall for the newest crisis instead of take care of the things that matter in life. Tullman founded over a dozen tech companies in 45 years.

Andy Giddings who writes for Compass Magazine and Coaching said, “Time is not expendable, we constantly talk about making up time or saving time. There are only 24 hours in everyday, once the minute passes its gone, you can’t save it or make it up.”
Franklin Covey highlights the conversation by saying, “The clock has been a tool of measure for most of us our entire lives. We are conscious of time, impatient and eager to get our lives started. Focused on how much we can get done.”

Time is ticking, lets entertain how the compass can better our lives.

The compass is a life management tool that is effective in ranking the busyness and noise all over the world to its proper place.

It represents your vision, values, principles, mission, conscience, direction. What you feel amounts to a great deal and how you lead your life.

The compass points you at the right path in your life. Stephen Covey often said, “It doesn’t matter how fast you’re going if your going in the wrong direction.”

Tullman also said, “Friends and family are the most important investment in your life, you only have one family and good friends are hard to come by so don’t lose them because there will always be more work.”
As you age you start wondering if you are fulfilled in life and the value you have added to it. You start to seek balance and gets working started on your legacy.

In conclusion…

The demands of the modern world consumes your life and to place first things first you should stop using the clock, a time management tool, and use the compass to direct you in life. I ask that you begin using a compass and let it navigate you toward whats truly important in your life.