How to Achieve your Childhood Dreams

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“It’s Gonna Be Yours Someday, Son.”

“If you build it, he will come.” The most popular line in The Field of Dreams. Kevin Costner’s character, an Iowa Farmer, hears whispers coming from the cornfield and visualizes a baseball field. I visited that site in Dyersville, Iowa in 2006.

Are you living your childhood dream? Where ever you are in life you can live your childhood dream.

I’ve pursued my childhood dream for as long as I can remember. I crave to be a part of baseball at each phase of life. I’ve been a player, fan, coach, and now an umpire. My dream continues to evolve and I find ways to be a part of the game. Today, I imagine working at the front office of a club. Leveraging my military and human resources skills while satisfying my craving to be on the field with great players, officiating the game. Through the use of three quotes of tried leaders and a proven example, I intend to inspire your childhood dream no matter what phase of life you’re at.

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Inspiration for dreams can stem from leaders who have faced great odds!

General Patton, Bear Bryant and Ben Franklin helped others fulfill their dreams while pursuing theirs.

General George S. Patton said to accept challenges so you can feel the exhilaration of victory. Your avoiding these challenges and settling for security. Not taking risk and pursuing your passions will bring forth a life not lived.

Bear Bryant reminds you at halftime when your losing that you should focus on winning the 2nd half. Maybe your at a certain phase of life and believe that it’s much too late. The games not over until time runs out. I know several people who have made their dreams become real after leaving college, lost employment or after their first career came to an end.

Benjamin Franklin gives warning and a glimpse of what happens after college. You could die at 25 years old and not push up daisies until 75. You may be making choices or choosing a path that isn’t sexy. You probably feel as if life is dead and dull. Don’t wait 50 years to be buried, find your dream and live.

Daniel Covington, a 30 year veteran, didn’t feel like waiting to be buried.

It’s never much too late to live your dreams. Daniel is feeling the exhilaration of winning the second half after chasing down his dream.  Kerry Hannon mentions Daniel Covington’s story in New York Times this past April.  He dreamt about being in the circus, volunteering as an usher when it reached town, and wrote reviews for Circus Magazine.  Daniel retired from the Navy after 30 years, joining a 130-person traveling circus as the company manager.  He uses the Armed Forces skills he acquired; admin, leadership, crisis management, unusual situations, and constant travel, to achieve his childhood dream.

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Ringling Circus clown Lou Jacobs with Carla Wallenda: Sarasota, Florida

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter what phase of life you’re at, take up the challenge, feel the exhilaration of victory, bears down on winning the second half and live until you’re buried.  Remember it’s never much too late to charge off and join the circus.

Like the Iowa farmer, you are going to be discourage. People will reject what they don’t understand, you may not understand what’s driving you. By the end of The Field of Dreams the Iowa farmer gets to play catch with his father one last time before he disappears into the cornfield forever. For 35 years I’ve been a part of a game I love, I just keep finding ways to love it more and be part of it. It’s never much too late to live your dream. You must build them and they will come.