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I Focus More on Your Growth and Not Competition

My job is not to beat the competition yours should not be either. This is not a sports game or a presidential race. Even if it was many of them focus too much on the competition and not their values and results. That is what I try to do here. By focusing on my value and goals, I can inspire you to grow and create the change in your life that we agree upon.

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How to Actually Develop a Simple Strategy of Growth

You and I are chatting a year from now.

What would need to occur so that you felt entirely pleased and happy with the result?

I want you to think about your goals and what you wish to achieve in life. What is the reason or purpose you have for desiring these things? Paint yourself a mental picture, imagine the process from start to end and the feelings along the way. You will have ups and down, highs and lows, some obstacles and successes. What would it feel like to have set out and do everything you desire in the next year? Where would you see yourself then? Just imagine all the possibilities you have. These images evoke powerful emotions. You should be feeling motivated just by daydreaming about the future.

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Do You Hate Advertising? We Prefer to Offer Value

The key to earning trust in a relationship is to offer value without anything in return. Trust increases when you offer value to others. Value creates a ripple effect that goes beyond your circle of influence. What I am set out to do in this tribe and community is exactly that, spreading value. It is not about advertising and sales it is about building Win-Win relationships. When someone tries to sell you what is your reaction? You put up walls and protect your vulnerability. Trusting relationships allow others to see our weakness. When you are open, we can measure your personal capabilities. Openness gives you an advantage to living an intentional life of growth.

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Intelligent Planning, growth, goals, vision, mission statment

Daily Intelligent Planning Can Double Your Growth

Intelligent planning is essential for success in meeting your vision, mission statement, and goals. Most people do not achieve the things they want in life. They do not have a well-defined purpose, ambition, or they want something for nothing. It is pretty easy to point to the reasons but what about those who do lay a simple framework? Why are they not making their vision and goals a reality? People who are taking the time to develop a vision, mission statement and objectives face one point of failure that only takes 20 minutes a day, intelligent planning.

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Connect, Easily, Reach

Need to Reach Us? 3 Ways to Easily Connect

Are you looking to reach with us? I want to offer you 3 ways you can connect with us and several questions you should be asking. When people come to coaching it is because they have been going in circles. You may be experiencing a habit loop that makes you oblivious to other opportunities. You may also fear a move away from comfort and security. A coach can help you stretch yourself and explore the bigger world.

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