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Daily Intelligent Planning Can Double Your Growth

Intelligent planning is essential for success in meeting your vision, mission statement, and goals. Most people do not achieve the things they want in life. They do not have a well-defined purpose, ambition, or they want something for nothing. It is pretty easy to point to the reasons but what about those who do lay a simple framework? Why are they not making their vision and goals a reality? People who are taking the time to develop a vision, mission statement and objectives face one point of failure that only takes 20 minutes a day, intelligent planning.

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Need to Reach Us? 3 Ways to Easily Connect

Are you looking to reach with us? I want to offer you 3 ways you can connect with us and several questions you should be asking. When people come to coaching it is because they have been going in circles. You may be experiencing a habit loop that makes you oblivious to other opportunities. You may also fear a move away from comfort and security. A coach can help you stretch yourself and explore the bigger world.

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Exciting Periscope Opportunities Can Impact Your Growth

The next big industry in social media is Periscope opportunities that could and will impact your growth. Already many people in your industry have already begun broadcasting live video on Periscope. If you are not on Periscope you might want to download the app on iOS or Android devices and try it out. It might impact your growth.

I am on Periscope. You can follow me @iKirby79

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How To Grow Your Value With Life Coaching Opportunities

People do not just buy coaching. Coaching is a lifetime investment opportunity. Growth that you spearhead from life coaching opportunities results in fulfilling your potential value. Through the process of change and transformation you grow in the basic areas of life; career, social, spiritual, financial, physical, intellectual and your family. You may only set out to improve one piece of the pie on the wheel of life but there is potential growth that will overflow into the other areas.

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Unlock an Improved Quality of Life With Our Perspective

Life coaching is a process that addresses improving your quality of life. Let me be clear – coaching is not counseling or therapy. Coaching focuses on the present and how to move you forward. Counseling or therapy attends to wounds from the past. Life coaching attracts many people who are lifelong learners and strive to improve their quality of life. Coaching fills a void once held by mentors and elders. The challenge is when you are in transition from college, switching careers, becoming a parent or even divorce. These major changes in life affect your quality of life. We resist change for fear, insecurity, and fearing to advance.

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” – Helen Keller

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